Homebrew Starter Kit - Saison & 1774 Bundle

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This Homebrew No-boil Starter Kit has everything you need to start brewing premium Buckrider Belgium beer, all you need to do is add water and sugar. We use only the highest quality ingredients and hand-crafted recipes to create excellent, well-balanced Belgian beer. With 11 styles of premium craft beer, you are sure to find a style that suits your taste buds. Cheers!

Bottles are sold separately.

Included in the Brew-it Starter Kit:

  • Sacred Saison Craft and Belgian 1774 Brew Mix
  • Brewferm ® Buckrider Brewstash
    • Not the cheap bucket you will find elsewhere, but a great design fermenter made from the highest quality food-grade plastic and equipped with a bottling tap. 20 liter total volume = suitable to ferment up to 15 liter = 4 US Gal. of beer.
  • PVC Tap w/back nut, including 2 seals
  • Brewferm ® Liquid Crystal Thermometer
  • Airlock
  • Brewferm® Bottling Tube
  • Brewferm® Check-it Bottling Hydrometer
  • Buckrider Multifunctional® OXI Cleaning Agent
  • Buckrider Bottleshots #12 
  • 24 Brewferm Bottle Labels
  • 6 Brewferm Coasters
Why Brewferm?

Craft Homebrew Mixes

No time for grain brewing? Hate cleaning a zillion pieces of equipment but still want to enjoy your own award-winning Belgian beer? Brewferm Buckrider No-boil Craft Brew Kits deliver premium beers without the hassle of grain-brewing. We offer eleven all-natural, well-balanced Belgian recipes with specific dried yeasts to make up to 507 oz of beer to suit your taste buds.

Homebrew Starter Kit - Saison & 1774 Bundle
Homebrew Starter Kit - Saison & 1774 Bundle