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To support American Homebrewing Clubs, Brewferm introduces a rewarding Affiliate Program.

Brewferm brings a unique Belgian homebrewing tradition to the U.S. with premium homebrew, no-boil recipes! We use only the highest quality all-natural ingredients and hand-crafted recipes to create well-balanced, great tasting Belgian Beer.

Option #1
Become a Brewferm Affiliate Today

Give your brewer friends a 15% discount while you earn cash back!

Option #2
Clubs Can be Affiliates Too!

Share your club's discount code with your member's and they will receive a 15% discount.  Meanwhile your club will receive cash back and fun perks.

To become a Brewferm Affiliate Partner:

1. Email us at with the subject "SEND US OUR BREWFERM CODE".
2. Post the code to your Club Facebook page, or other social media sites, or share it via email.

Affiliate codes provide shoppers with 15% off at A portion of each sale is credited back to your club.
All you have to do is share your code with as many brewers as possible, the more you share, the more you earn!