Getting Started with Brewferm

Brewferm® makes homebrewing easy. The most important thing is to ensure that everything is absolutely clean. Read the instructions carefully and completely before you start. The preparation process is essentially the same for all beer types, but the amounts of sugar and water are different for the various types. 

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1. Getting Started

To brew your Brewferm® Buckrider Craft Brew Mix. you will also need some household sugar and water. In addition to the Brewferm® Buckriders equipment kit. you will need a small kettle. a can opener. a weighing scale and bowl or a mug for the sugar. a measuring jug for the water and a stirring spoon.

2. Cleaning

Hygiene is of utmost importance. Therefore ensure that all equipment you use is absolutely clean and sanitized. If you are not using the Buckriders Cleaning agent. use an un-perfumed cleaning agent like our Buckrider Cleaning Agent or Five star PBW.

3. Wort Preparation

  1. Remove the plastic lid and the yeast from the can.
  2. Using a can opener. open the can and place it in a small cooking pot filled with warm water (+/- 40-50°C / 1 04-l 22° F) for about 15 minutes so the thick Brewferm® concentrated wort becomes more fluid.
  3. Pour the contents of the can into your cleaned fermentation bucket. Careful, the can may be hot. Use gloves when necessary! If your bucket has a tap. make sure the tap is also cleaned and in the "closed" position.
  4. To empty the can further, rinse the can well with exactly 1 liter (33.8 fl.oz) of warm water and add this to the wort in the bucket.
  5. Dissolve the amount of SUGAR 1 (see table on reverse side) in exactly 2 liters (67.6 fl.oz) of warm water and add also to the wort in the bucket. 
  6. Mix everything thoroughly with a clean paddle or spoon.
  7. Add the quantity of cold WATER 1 (see table below) and mix everything again.
  8. Lay the lid loose on the bucket and check the temperature of the wort. If necessary. let the wort cool down to approx. 20°C/ 68° F. You can check the temperature on your Buckriders temperature strip: attached on the side of the bucket.
  9. When the wort is cooled down to 20°C: open the yeast sachet and sprinkle the content of the packet out over the liquid.

4. Fermentation

  1. Close your fermentation bucket. ensuring that the lid is "clicked" firmly onto the bucket all around. Fill up approximately half of the S-shaped airlock with water. Place the airlock on the lid for the bucket pushing it through the rubber seal.
  2. Leave the bucket to ferment for 7-1O days at room temperature (18-23°C / 66-73°F). Make sure the rooms temperature does not drop below l 8°C/66°F at night. The "bubbling· of the airlock will start after a few hours to 1 day: it indicates that the fermentation is proceeding. It is tempting, but do not open the lid regularly. It can cause an infection in your beer.

5. Bottling

  1. After 7-1O days the sugar in the wort will be all fermented. Use the Brewferm® Buckriders bottling compass to determine if your beer can be bottled: Take a 15cm/6" high glass and fill it through the tap with your young beer without foam. Wait until any foam in the glass dissolves. Carefully lower the Brewferm® Buckriders bottling compass into your glass and check what number is shown above the liquid. Your beer is ready to be bottled if the right number (see CHART below) is visible above the liquid.
    DO NOT bottle if a lower number is visible above the liquid.
    DO NOT pour the measured beer back into the bucket!
  2. When your young beer is ready for bottling, move the fermentation bucket to a worktable and mount the cleaned and sanitized syphon­ing tube to the tap. Leave the bucket to rest for 1 hour so the sediment can settle. Meanwhile, you should thoroughly clean and sterilize the empty bottles you want to use
  3. Carefully fill up the well cleaned bottles up to 1 cm/0.5" below the opening and add 1 Buckrider Bottleshot #12 carbonation drop per 12oz beer bottle.
  4. Seal the bottles with a crown cap or flip-top and keep at room temperature (18-23°C / 66-73° F) to get the second fermentation in the bottle started. 

6. Maturation

  1. After ten days, move the beer to your cellar or another cooler spot (1 s-1 s·c / 59-66° F) to ripen for 6 to 8 weeks. We recommend that you try your Buckrider Craft Brew after 3 weeks, but remember that your beer will need more time to mature and improve: Patience pays!

7. Enjoy

  1. Open your beer and pour it carefully. If you prefer a clear beer. leave the yeast sediment in the bottle, if you are a fan of haze beers : pour out the bottle completely.