Buckrider Bottleshots - 60 Carbonation Drops for 12oz Bottles

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Brewferm Buckrider Bottleshots #12 are the ideal way to carbonate your bottled beer without having to weigh priming sugar and transfer your youngbeer into another recipient to dissolve the priming sugar. Just add 1 drop in each 12oz bottle of beer and you have the exact amount of priming sugar needed to supply the residual yeast in a 12oz  bottle with the sugars needed to ferment for perfect carbonation. Each bag contains 60 bottleshots, sufficient to prime 60 bottles.

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Brewferm Homebrew Mixes bring the Belgium brewing experience to you.  With more than 10 styles of craft beer, you can be sure you will find a style that suits your tastebuds.  We use only the highest quality ingredients and hand crafted recipes to meet our Belgian standards.  Simply add water and sugar to our pre-measured ingredients in each brew mix and follow the fermentation instructions.  Our mixes produce 20-30 pints (300-500 fl oz) of excellent, well-balanced Belgian beer.